Clam Box

This custom jewelry box appropriately named ‘The Clam Box’, was created by a request to make a large jewelry box that can hold everything…at least for most people. This design is very elaborate and inovative with the 2 internal rotating trays and carved solid wood lid.

Some of its features are:

• Unique and inovative ring holder
• Dual rotating trays for quick easy access to jewelry
• Oil impregnated bronze bearings attached to trays for silky smooth operation
• Carved lid made from 24 segments of solid wood
• Brusso (made in USA) solid brass hinges with 95 degree stop
• Genuine Ultrasued lining (non-tarnishing)
• Abalone dot inlays along front edge of lid
• Removeable bottom dividers for very large items
• Museum Quality, Only 5 made
• Solid wood sides have reinforced splines

Dimensions: 18” x 9” x 5.375” (45.7cm x 22.9cm x 13.6cm)

Wood: Big Leaf Curly Maple, Hard Maple (feet,splines,trays)

An original design by Eugene F Watson
Copyright 2013 Watson Woodworks, LLC

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