Custom Work

I typically will  take on custom box orders if I have the time available for it. Keep in mind that custom boxes, due to the great amount of time it takes to design new jigs, CAD drawings etc,  will often cost more than a stock box that you see on this site.   I accept requests for different wood types and wood combinations not listed on this site.  Prices will vary depending on wood type.

Personalized Boxes:

If the box is a special order I can v-carve any message you like right into the wood, usually under a lid or on the bottom.   The carving only apply’s to boxes that haven’t been made yet.  For the boxes you see on this site, I can engrave a brass plate and glue or double stick tape the plate in an appropriate place.  The cost of the v-carve/engraving is typically $25-$50.  Boxes which have been v-carved cannot be returned and boxes with the brass plate can be returned with my normal return policy less the cost of the brass plate.

Corporate Gifts:

I’ve done many corporate gift contracts, so please contact me with your needs.

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