Leaf Jewelry Box Finger Pull

Leaf Jewelry Box Finger Pull

The finger pull for lifting the lid off the leaf box is accomplished using a vertical oscillating spindle sander.  I have a Jet spindle sander and it doesn’t have the ability to tilt the spindle, so I had to make a jig to hold the leaf box body at a 45 degree angle as seen in the photo.   The jig slides against a fence which I clamp to the table top and is aligned so that the finger pulls will be centered in the body of the box.

I use 2 grits, a coarse 60 grit sleeve followed by a fine 150 grit sleeve.  The size of the finger pull is a judgment call;  too big and they’re ugly, too small and they won’t function.  The key is not to go too deep with the 60 grit so that the size can be properly adjusted by eye with the 150 grit. Practice makes perfect.  The finger pulls are later sanded by hand using 220 grit.

It’s also possible to cut the finger pulls using a cove bit in a router table, but I think the sander looks better (hint:look at the diameter of the sanding spindle verses the diameter of a standard cove bit, it’s much larger) and avoids the possibility of tearing out the wood.

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