Pinnacle Box

The Pinnacle Box is the first in a series of precision 6 sided carved wooden boxes with a three dimensional carving on each face, even the bottom. Each wooden box has a secret compartment located under the lid and is held in place with rare earth magnets. The proprietary finish has been developed for almost 2 decades and the end result is extremely smooth, durable and beautiful.
Dimensions: 5” (12.7cm) cube

Internal dimesions:

Finsih: Shellac seal coat with CAB Lacquer top coat

Average Weight: 2 pounds

Wood selections: Granadillo, Curly maple, Birdseye Maple, Bubinga, Cocobolo, Wenge, Bloodwood, and others

The lacquer finish typically does not need much care, however, a thin coat of paste wax will keep its sheen looking great. Don’t use oils as it will feel and look greasy. Although, no harm will be done to the finish. Keep chemicals away from the box. If you happen to get chemicals on the box wipe off immediately. The finish usually only gets damaged when a chemical is left on it unknowingly.

Store the box in a low humidity environment in the 25-50% range. Too low of humidity is also bad, such as on top of a heater in the winter. Bathrooms are bad places for wooden boxes, especially precisely made ones like mine.

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